AMEX Blue Cash Back Credit Card

amex blue cash back

AMEX Blue Cash Back

Finally received my Amex Blue cash back card. Here are the cash back rates:

Year to Date PurchasesCash Back on Everyday Purchases^Cash Back on All Other Purchases
$6,500.01 or more5.0%1.5%

My wife and I both have AMEX Blue cards now on the same account. We had been thinking of buying her a new car and we decided to use the new AMEX Blue card to put $5000 down. The dealership would only allow us to put $3000 down on my AMEX. I thought that was it, but then my wife asks the finance manager if we can use a 2nd credit card and he said sure. The dealers limitation is $3000 per card so we put another $2000 down using her card. Between these 2 cards and our usual monthly expenses we hit the $6500 minimum right away.

Earn cash back faster by adding Additional Cards to your Account, because you can earn cash back on their purchases the same way you do on your own. And there’s no annual fee. Cash back is received in the form of Reward Dollars that can be redeemed as statement credit.

I always pay off my cards every month and I had this money set aside for the new car purchase so this put us on track to make the most cash back out of our new credit cards. I checked online to see what we made on the 1st $5200 and it is $27. This gave us a return of .5% on our purchase. It doesn’t seem like much, but we should do well by the end of the year considering we are in the next bracket of 5% and 1.5%.

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