Dividend Income for April 2020 – Winning!

dividend income

Another month of dividends. Every 4th month is slim for dividends in my account. None of the companies I invest in have cut dividends or stopped dividends. I automatically reinvest (DRIP) all dividends into additional shares or fractional shares of stock. Stocks are still on sale so look for those good deals. I haven’t purchased anything new. I am waiting on the sidelines to see what happens with the market. I don’t think anyone knows how this will play out.

I believe in buying and holding dividend-paying stocks forever as long as the dividend is not cut completely or the company fails in some way. I invest in high-quality stocks with a proven track record of paying increasing dividends year after year.

It looks like a good time to dollar cost average investments as stocks are at bargain-basement prices right now.

Any unused or additional money goes into a high-interest savings account. My American Express Personal Savings account dropped to 1.5% interest from 1.6%. This is the 2nd drop in 2 months. Not too bad considering the Fed Rates are less than zero now.

(Reuters) – Financial markets began pricing in a negative U.S. interest rate environment for the first time on Thursday 5/7/2020

I recommend tracking your portfolio, I use Personal Capital which is great for tracking dividends, stock holdings, and expenses all in one place. You can get a Free Personal Capital account and get $20 for just signing up.

Dividend Income April 2020

4/30/2020Ltc Properties Inc-dividend$26.95
4/30/2020Altria Group Inc-dividend$100.69
4/30/2020Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund (settlement Fund)-dividend$0.36
4/28/2020Msc Industrial Direct Class A-dividend$1.50
4/15/2020Realty Income Corp-dividend$122.22
4/15/2020Stag Industrial Inc-dividend$44.41
4/6/2020Iron Mountain Inc New-dividend$1.86
4/1/2020Coca-cola Company-dividend$21.68
SubtotalNon Retirement Account for April 2020 – Dividend Income$319.67
4/30/2020Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund (settlement Fund)-dividend$0.01
4/15/2020Realty Income Corp-dividend$34.54
SubtotalRetirement Account for April 2020 – Dividend Income$34.55
TotalNon Retirement and Retirement Dividend Income for April 2020$354.22

I recommend having an emergency fund with at least 3-6 months in it. I keep 1-2 years worth of reserves for emergencies or downturns in the market. Always looking for a good deal on dividend stocks.

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