Dividend Income for February 2020 – Winning!

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Dividend income for February 2020

Below is the dividend income for February 2020. Dividends are holding steady except for some Ford stock that I own. Ford cut the dividend completely in March 2020. I am considering selling my position in Ford because of the dividend cut even though it is down significantly because of the Pandemic we are in the middle of.

It’s hard to sell when a stock is down over 50%. I own some CenturyLink also and they cut their dividend by more than half over the last several years. I don’t own much Ford or CenturyLink thank goodness. At least CenturyLink is still paying a 9.9% dividend as of March 2020.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) suspended its dividend and borrowed billions of dollars from its existing credit lines, as it prepares to shut down most of its factories in North America and Europe. … The company has also suspended payment of its $0.15-per-share quarterly dividend in order to conserve cash.

CenturyLink’s weak dividend track record has been marked by a 26% cut in 2013 and a 54% cut in early 2019. A combination of excessive debt and ongoing secular declines in its landline phone operations made those cuts necessary.Aug 19, 2019

I believe in buying and holding dividend paying stocks forever as long as the dividend is not cut completely or the company fails in some way. I invest in high quality stocks with a proven track record of paying increasing dividends year after year.

With the markets the way that they are right now it makes it difficult to stay the course and not sell, but being a dividend investor and seeing the dividends come in monthly and quarterly really helps me stay in the game. I didn’t purchase any other stocks this month other than my DRIP Investing, I’m waiting a bit to see what the markets do. Hopefully the virus won’t last and we can get back to making gains in the market.

Warren Buffet – Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful

I closed my Robinhood account and moved all stocks over to my Vanguard account because of all the issues Robinhood has been having as of late.

I am partially retired right now, but I have a side hustle business in the technology field which pays all the bills so I don’t need to touch any of my dividend income. I live a modest lifestyle and my monthly overhead is only about $1300 a month. I am always planning for the next stage of my retirement.

Any unused or additional money goes into a high interest savings account. The Feds just lowered interest rates so I expect my 1.7% interest on my American Express Personal Savings account will drop soon unfortunately.

I recommend tracking your portfolio, I use Personal Capital which is great for tracking dividends, stock holdings and expenses all in one place. You can get a Free Personal Capital account and get $20 for just signing up.

Non Retirement Account for February

2020-02-28Ltc Properties Inc-dividend26.68
2020-02-28Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund (settlement Fund)-dividend1
2020-02-18Stag Industrial Inc-dividend43.99
2020-02-14Realty Income Corp-dividend121.2
2020-02-14Omega Healthcare Investors Inc-dividend74.62
2020-02-03Cvs Health Corp-dividend7.69
2020-02-03General Mills Inc-dividend12.88
2020-02-03At&t Inc-dividend436.42
2020-02-03Verizon Communications Inc-dividend80.86


Retirement Account for February

2020-02-28Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund (settlement Fund)-dividend0.03
2020-02-14Realty Income Corp-dividend34.25
2020-02-03At&t Inc-dividend173.54
2020-02-03Verizon Communications Inc-dividend74.41


A total of $1087.57 for the month of February. I am almost making enough on dividends to cover my monthly expenses.

This is all passive income that I don’t currently need so it compounds every month because I DRIP the dividends into buying more stocks increasing my dividend income for February 2020.

Dividend investing is a strategy of buying stocks that pay dividends in order to receive a regular income from your investments. This income is in addition to any growth that your portfolio experience as the stock in it gains value.

I recommend having an emergency fund with at least 3-6 months in it. I personally keep 1-2 years worth of reserves for emergencies.

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