Changes noticed during the Pandemic – Updated

local updates

Just things I have seen during the Pandemic

  1. We went to Fry’s grocery stores this Saturday at 6:00 AM to get our weekly food. There was a line going into the grocery store because the people working at the store were handing out toilet paper as you walked in the store which slowed down the shoppers entering the store. It is a good idea to minimize people from buying out the whole inventory of toilet paper, it did slow down the people entering the store though.
  2. The second thing I noticed was that Fry’s is reducing the hours of operation. They say this is so they can clean the store better and restock the shelves. No one was social distancing. An older lady sneezed all over her cart and I almost expected people to lose their minds, but no one said anything. Interesting.
  3. As I was shopping I noticed that the shelves had not been stocked. There were a couple of loaves of bread on the shelves and one guy was there restocking. The canned goods aisle was ransacked. Most aisles looked fairly empty. The store was restocking as the shoppers were shopping. I thought they had reduced open hours so that they could restock at night.
  4. There were floor cleaners moving around while people were shopping. There again I thought they had reduced hours so they could do a thorough cleaning at night.
  5. When I went up to check out there were 2 cash registers open. The lines were very long. They did have self-checkout available, but who wants to check out a full cart of groceries. Why not have more cashier’s knowing the store would be packed. I can’t imagine what it will be like later in the day. Keep in mind this was 6:00 AM and the store was full of people.
  6. Everyone was nice. No issues even though the lines were long. There wasn’t the usual tape you see on the floor to keep people apart at this time.
  7. On a separate note I have received emails from every company I have ever dealt with telling me what they are doing regarding the virus. Every store email told me how they were cleaning more. They are trying to develop goodwill which is nice.
  8. Most restaurant’s inside dining are closed, but you can still order food to go from places like Subway. Drive through’s are available at most fast-food restaurants. Most restaurants you can order your food and go pick it up, but you can’t eat inside.
  9. I went to Subway to get a sandwich. Their sweet tea was missing. They dismantled the machine and told me that they wouldn’t be serving their regular tea or sweet tea during the pandemic as people were putting their hands on it, although they left the soda machine untouched so you could get a soda. Not sure of the rationale there as both machines act the same. The chips were put behind the counter as well. The cooler where they have drinks had representations of the drinks, but you had to go to the counter to get one. All of the tables had signs on them explaining that you couldn’t eat inside. There is tape on the floor every 6 feet to keep people apart.
  10. The park where I usually try to eat lunch was super busy. At least people are getting outside. I’ll let you know if I see any more local updates. Social distancing is important.

Updated 4/17/2020

I went on my usual 10-mile bike ride on a bike path and I was looking for a public restroom on the way back. I found 3 different ones on the path and they were all locked up. So you can go outside and exercise, but you can’t use the restroom.

I went to the UPS store and there was customer’s waiting outside with boxes. They have the usual tape every 6 feet.

I went to Sprouts grocery store and they had the usual tape on the floor to keep people apart.

I walked by Carl’s Jr and the drive-through was open and there was a serious line of cars. The lobby was closed to customers.

I walked by the park and the playground equipment had caution tape around it so the kids couldn’t play on it. The swings were swung over the top and locked off so they couldn’t be used. The picnic tables had caution tape going around them so they couldn’t be used.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

I understand the social distancing, but why can’t a person take out a paddleboard in the middle of the ocean. That is serious social distancing, but he gets arrested anyway.

Why can’t a lady take her car for a ride by herself without getting a citation for not staying in quarantine? Her ticket did get thrown out.

Just a few things to think about.

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