7 Websites for Older Workers Looking for a Job

older workers looking for a job


Older workers Looking for a Job:


Helps government, nonprofit, education, and groups
“fill executive, midlevel and fundraising positions”. People seeking jobs can receive emails alerting them to potential openings that fit their needs and skill levels.

Allows job seekers to search for part-time or temporary jobs. Also, project assignments or full-time positions.

Features 3 dozen or so companies posting job openings. No fees for job seekers.

No charge for job seekers. Employers pay a fee to post openings and access to the website’s database. They screen and identify employers that offer an “age-friendly environment”. Specialty website for Older Workers Looking for a Job.

Job seekers can post resumes and job wanted ads.

No charge to job seekers. Job seekers can store up to 3 resumes on the website. It offers a large number of resources and articles for job seekers.

This website was founded by Proctor and Gamble and EliLilly. They specialize in placing retired scientists and engineers with employers that join the website. Jobs are primarily for part-time technical assignments.

Sometimes you have to keep working to make ends meet. Make sure you put some money away for an emergency fund and put some money into retirement.

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    If you are a senior or are retired and are interested in a part-time or temporary job, check out the temp firms in your area. They are more interested in your experience and what you can do than in your age.

    Most Web sites that list positions for older workers allow you to post a resume at no charge. Spend some time revising your resume or go to a professional for help. Many employers are hiring on a project basis if you have the skills and experience they want. Most people hired in this manner do not receive benefits which is a big savings for employers and gives you a let up on younger workers who need full-time jobs that include benefits.

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