Save Money using Forever Stamps by the US Postal Service

forever stamps

Forever Stamps

The US Postal Service created a stamp called the Forever stamp on April of 2007.

This Forever stamp is locked in at the price of the first-class stamp.

This Forever first-class stamp is free from rate increases. They are good indefinitely. Great way to save money on stamps.

Stamps can be ordered online at or by calling 1-800-stamp-24.

Forever Stamps are first-class stamps issued by the United States Postal Service. What makes them special is that they are non-denominational, which means you can buy them at the current first-class postage rate, and they remain valid even if that rate rises in the future.

Postal Facts

The Postal Service adds 4,071 addresses to our delivery network every dayEach day the Postal Service processes and delivers 187.8 million pieces of First-Class Mail. On average, the Postal Service processes 20.2 million mailpieces each hour, 336,649 each minute and 5,611 each second.

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