ScanSnap ix500 Scanner is a Great Way to Organize Your Paperwork


ScanSnap ix500 is great.

I purchased the ScanSnap ix500 Scanner  about 2 weeks ago and it is great.

So far I have scanned in 30000+ pages of text into the PDF file format.

I use Google Drive to store all  of my scans.

Google Drive allows PDF files to be searchable. So, if I need an invoice from March 2008 I can search on that and up comes all documents related to that date.

I have emptied out one filing cabinet and I plan on emptying 5 more. 10000 pages of text has taken about 500 megs of space which isn’t much at all if you think about it.

The scanner does jam once in a while, but it is easy to clear and it allows you to pickup where you left off.

I would recommend getting one of these scanners if you have a ton of paperwork which you need to have access to without all the storage hassles.

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