8 Tips on Selling your car

selling your car

Things to know when selling your car:

1. Clean the car thoroughly when selling your car. How would you feel buying a dirty car with junk inside it and without it being cleaned inside and out. 

2. Take several pictures of the inside and outside of your car with all of the angles to show the car off. Great pictures can really help the sale of your car.

3. Set a price by checking Kelly Blue Book ,  Edmunds, or NADAguides.

These websites take into consideration the region in which you are selling, the make, model, year, mileage and any additional features your car has. These websites easily guide you by asking you questions. When you are finished inputting the details of the car it will provide you with a value based on the condition of the car which you choose during the input of the details of the car. I would print the details and value and have it with you to negotiate with a potential buyer. Checking with these websites really helps to figure out the price when selling your car.

I usually go a little higher in price to give myself some negotiating room. Do a little research to appropriately price your car and write a descriptive online advertisement and you will usually sell it quickly.

4. Consider listing your car on a free site like Craiglist. You can get a free ad, you might as well take advantage of it. The local newspaper isn’t viable anymore. Advertising on the internet is your best bet. Craiglist is the best way to advertise your vehicle. If you have something expensive you might want to list it on eBay Motors. I sold a classic car on eBay motors and the sale went through and I was paid quickly.  A portable parking lot came and picked it up and delivered it to a guy in Texas.selling your car

5. Show the car to your prospective buyer. The buyer may want to take it to their mechanic. Ride along with them to the mechanic. I wouldn’t let it out of your site. Make sure you bring along a friend as backup just in case.

6. Show the prospective buyer the documentation on the car explaining how well you have maintained it. Hopefully you have maintained it. 

7. Get ready to negotiate. Decide in advance the lowest price you will take for the car. 

7. Be careful when buying or selling on Craigslist. Select the email address that shows up anonymously to the viewers. Don’t put your phone number on Craigslist or you will get of spam calls. 

Only accept cash. I have seen false money orders and cashier’s checks.  Make sur you don’t show your car alone. Bring a friend along for backup just in case. I would meet the potential buyer at a neutral location such as a Starbucks or somewhere convenient. A bank parking lot or somewhere there is a notary if required in your state.   

If the potential buyer wants to test drive the car (which they should do) make sure you and your friend go along so that they don’t take off with your vehicle.

8. Finalize the sale. Don’t take a check. Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles or whatever your state agency is called or a title place and get the car in their name and the cash in your hand. Never release the car until you have been paid in full and the car is our of your name. My son got stuck by taking partial payment because it was his friend. I tried to dissuade him, but he was 18 and knew more than his dad at the time. 🙂

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