10 Tips – Yes You Can Still Retire Comfortably!

retire comfortably

Retire Comfortably


By Ben Stein and Phil Demuth

Ben Stein’s money was a great TV Program.
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Here are 10 things they say about retirement:

1. Maximize your abilities through self-discipline and the ability to get along with others.2. Start Saving Early. If it doesn’t hurt, you’re probably not saving enough to retire comfortably.
3. Never spend more than you earn.
4. Max out all your retirement plans every year.
5. Consider the tax implications of everything you do.
6. Buy your home.
7. Plan far ahead for your retirement, and then stick to your program.
8. Make a plan with a reliable financial advisor. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.
9. Saving your hindquarters, not your face—that is, make savings and financial stability more important than showing off or looking cool.
10. Adopt a straightforward investment philosophy that takes advantage of the historical benefits of investing in common stocks but balances it with bonds in a judicious mixture.

The specter of retirement is haunting the baby-boom generation. The generation that’s used to having it all is suddenly finding that it doesn’t have enough. Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth show you how to get back on track. They outline the steps you can take today to assure your future tomorrow. Backed up with facts and figures, they lay out exactly how much you need to save in order to maintain your standard of living, and how to invest your dollars to get the maximum return from your savings. For those already retired, they explain how to tap your nest egg to get the most income while keeping your money safe. This is a survival manual for the difficult but exciting road to retirement security.   Don’t leave middle age without it!

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